Wood Mountain Post Historic Park

Original site of the N.W.M.P. Post 1874 - 1918

The Historic Post is a partially restored North West Mounted Police post. Before the site became the monitor station of Sitting Bull and his tribes after the battle at Little Big Horn, the police patrolled the U.S.- Canada border.Office

In the 2 reconstructed buildings, displays depict much of the NWMP history as well as that of the Sioux who came to the Wood Mountain area. The displays also contain artifacts from two archeaological digs conducted on the site.

A Dig For ArtifactsThe museum is fun for kids too. You can use old style hand-cuffs on your friends, see an early View-Master (Steropticon), or sit in a 19th century jail cell.

To book a tour phone Lois T. at (306) 266-2000

  • Excellent school tour program 
  • Tour guide on site 
  • Two furnished reconstructed post buildings 
  • Open daily June and July hours: 10-12 and 1-5 
  • Open every day except Tues. and Wed. in August hours: 10-12 and 1-5 
  • No fee: Donations greatfully accepted
  • Be sure to fuel-up in a nearby town if you are low on gas.
  • For information phone (306) 266-4322 (during working hours) 


    Mailing Address 2004 Renovated buildings
    SK Environment and Resource Management
    Room 206, 110 Ominica Street West
    Moose Jaw SK  S6H 6V2

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