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UNDER CONSTRUCTION as of July15th, 2000
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Search Engines Search the SaskTel Phone Book
Altavista This search engine is one of the world's biggest
Translator Translate to, and from, French, German, Italian...
HotBot Find a web site with this.
Infoseek Find a web site with this.
Yahoo Canada Find a Canadian web site
gnutella A file sharing, search engine
EMAIL Microsoft's free email accessible from all internet computers. Angelfire's free email Netscape's free email
Information Canadian Online Explorer
Leader-Post Newspaper Saskatchewan's capital city daily paper
Star-Phoenix Newspaper Saskatoon's daily paper Canadian Brodcasting Corporation: TV, live and archived radio An American news source
Environment Canada Weather
Money Canadian Bank of Imperial Commerce Toronto Stock Exchange
Fun and Games CBC's This Hour Has 22 Minutes: joke news The 30 year old Star Trek phenomenon continues The week's best music
University of Regina Find information about the UofR.
University of Saskatchewan Find information about the UofS.
Limerick School Many Wood Mountain children attend school here.
Miscellaneous Tourism Saskatchewan Search through many Saskatchewan web sites
SETI project Be a part of the world's largest Super-Computer, and donate to science by lending this organiztion your computer's spare time. Sympatico: Saskatchewan's largest Internet Provider
Wood Mountain Sale A bulletin board for Sellers and Buyers.  Soon to be an auction.

Wood Mountain Home Page

Topic Links
CAP Site Information CAP home page
-site's objective's
-service's/fee's/user policy
-hours of operation/training schedule
-success stories
Community Information -Introduction to your town
-local history
-email address
Town/Community Administration -location/contact information
-town/municipal services (911,fire, police, ambulance, water, gas, roads, garbage, etc.)
-town/municipal boards and governing bodies
Business/Economy -economic base of community/profile (i.e. agriculture, oil, tourism)
-business profile of community and area
-business administration (i.e. what the town offers to local businesses in the way of taxation, licenses, permits, business planning, marketing, etc.)
-Chamber of Commerce or other economic groups (i.e. local Wheat Pool, Co-ops, etc.)
Tourism -Attractions
-Community Events (theater, golf course schedules, rodeos, etc.)
-Tourist services/rentals/charters