Michael Klein
Phone: 306-266-2115
Fax: 306-266-2078 Wood Mountain, Sask., Canada

S0H 4L0

computer system email: mklein@   sasktel.net
We sell new, custom built computers.  Tell us what you want to do with the computer, and we can recommend the right one for your needs.  If you have questions after the sale, we provide support over the phone, or on-site assistance.  When you want more from your computer, bring it to us for an upgrade or maintenance.  Our new computers come with a warranty, and we don't charge for technical support over the phone.
Prices current as of March 5th, 2005 and subject to change.
We have many used computers suitable for word processing, spread sheets, and games. With a printer, these computers start as low as $50.
Pentium II, III, 4 or AMD / monitor / HD 10gig and up / 64mb RAM and up / Windows 98 SE or XP Home/ Multimedia / Printer start at $ 600
586-Pentium / monitor / HD 800mb and up /16mb RAM and up / Windows / Multimedia / Printer start at $ 150
486's / colour monitor / Hard Drive 100mb and up / 4mb RAM and up / Windows / Printer start at $ 100
386's / colour monitor / Hard Drive / 4 mb RAM / Printer start at $ 90
286's / colour monitor / Hard Drive / Printer / Software $ 80
8086's / monochrome monitor / Printer / Software $ 50
56Kbps V.90 modems  $ 55
Dot-Matrix printers  start at $ 20
Multimedia speakers $ 15 
microphone $ 9
CD-RW disc $ 2.00
CD-R disc $ 1.00
CD-RW 48X/12X/48X $ 55
CD-R 50 disc Spindle $ 20
flatbed scanner $ 80
web-camera $ 50
GST and PST may apply to some prices.
Design Web sites for as low as $50.
We also do minor electronic repairs.

Prices can change week-to-week so give us a call to find out the latest prices.

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