There's a heck of a lot of stories to tell

"Bout Jerry, the Duke, and tall Jones as well,

'Bout Pete, the wrangler, and Kelly , the clown,

Together they'd get a crowd gathered round.


Rodeo cowboys,some young some old

Educated by yarns told,

Were as quiet as a prairie night,

Sure that each fact was certainly right!


Jerry had the buckin string

Salty broncs, bramas, and bulls he'd bring.

To throw a cowboy in a pile

"Damn good! and Jerry"d smile.


Duke drove semi- hauled the stock,

Loaded chutes with cowboy talk.

Rodeo performance done- he'd tip a few

Jokes redone to pointat you!


Tall Jones did the play by play

Each cowboy would have his day,

To be glorified or poked in fun,

It was accepted---agood job done.


Pete, the wranglerand pick-up man,

Tells the cowboy I think you can

The stout bay was the best

Pete's strong arms did the rest.


Kelly. the Louisanna man,

Brightest shirts in all the land

Would bait and tease the bulls that buck,

Prolong a cowboy's life and luck.


Four cowboy's alike in a whole lot of ways

Livin' cowboy life in each of their days

Standing by a whiskey barrel-hats circling a floor

Rodeo words loud laughter teaching more.